November 2016 Cheat Sheet

Here are my current recommendations in ballot order.

For more details, read my full posts on local propositions (Berkeley, East Bay regional, and BART), on state-wide propositions and on candidates.

what my vote
President and Vice President HILLARY CLINTON AND TIM KAINE
US Representative, D13 BARBARA LEE
State Senator, D9 Nancy Skinner?
State Assembly, D15 Tony Thurmond
Superior Court Judge, Office 1 Scott Jackson
Berkeley Rent Board Christina Murphy, Alejandro Soto-Vigil, Leah Simon-Weisberg
Berkeley School Directors Judy Appel, Beatriz Leyva-Cutler?
AC Transit Director (at-large) Chris Peeples?
BART Director, D7 Lateefah Simon
51 (school construction bond) Yes?
52 (hospital funding) No?
53 (more propositions) NO
54 (legislative transparency) Abstained
55 (no tax cut for the rich) YES
56 (tobacco tax) YES
57 (more parole) YES
58 (language immersion) YES
59 (citizen’s united poll) Yes ☹
60 (condoms in porn) NO
61 (drug pricing) Torn, voted no
62 (repeal death penalty) YES
63 (ammo control) YES
64 (legalize marijuana) YES
65 (anti-67 poison pill) NO
66 (sloppier death penalty) NO
67 (plastic bag ban) YES
A1 (affordable housing bond) Yes
E1 (renew school tax) YES
T1 (infrastructure bond) YES
U1 (city council’s rental tax) Yes
DD (big landlord’s rental tax) No
V1 (let us spend our budget) YES
W1 (redistricting commission) Yes?
X1 (election financing) YES
Y1 (teens vote for school board) YES
Z1 (allow more affordable housing) YES
AA (owner move-ins) YES
BB (redundant minimum wage) NO
CC (redundant minimum wage) NO
C1 (renew ACTransit funding) YES
RR (BART bond) YES
Berkeley Mayor Ben Gould #1, Laurie Capitelli #2
Berkeley City Council, D3 Deborah Matthews #1, Ben Bartlett #2