November 2020 Cheat Sheet

Here are my current recommendations.

For more details, read my full posts on propositions and on candidates.

what my vote
President and Vice President JOE BIDEN AND KAMALA HARRIS
US Representative, D13 BARBARA LEE
State Senate, D9 NANCY SKINNER
State Assembly, D15 Buffy Wicks
Superior Court Judge, Office 2 Elena Condes
Berkeley Rent Board Xavier Johnson, Andy Kelley, Mari Mendonca, Leah Simon-Weisberg, and Dominique Walker
Berkeley School Directors Laura Babitt and Ana Vasudeo
AC Transit Director (at-large) Victoria Fierce
AC Transit Director, Ward 1 JOVANKA BECKLES!
East Bay Regional Park District Director, Ward 1 Elizabeth Echols
14 (stem cell research bonds) No
15 (fix prop 13 for commercial property) YES!!!
16 (un-ban affirmative action) Yes
17 (voting rights for parolees) YES!!!
18 (17-year-olds voting in primaries) Yes
19 (close one prop 13 loophole, open another) Yes
20 (more felonies, less parole) NO!!!
21 (allow more rent control) Yes
22 (let uber mis-classify employees) NO!!!
23 (dialysis clinic changes) No
24 (privacy law changes) No
25 (keep law ending cash bail) Yes
Alameda County V (continue unincorporated area utility tax) Yes
Alameda County W (sales tax for housing) Yes
Berkeley FF (fire/emergency tax) Yes
Berkeley GG (uber tax) Yes
Berkeley HH (utility tax) Yes
Berkeley II (police accountability) Yes
Berkeley JJ (mayor and council pay) Yes
Berkeley KK (update city charter) Yes
Berkeley LL (let us spend our budget) YES
Berkeley MM (more rent control) Yes
Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin #1, Aidan Hill #2
Berkeley City Council, D3 Ben Bartlett #1, Deborah Matthews #2

Bonus recommendations from neighboring districts:

what your vote
AC Transit Director, Ward 2 JEAN WALSH!