November 2018 Cheat Sheet

Here are my current recommendations in ballot order.

For more details, read my full posts on propositions and on candidates.

what my vote
Governor Gavin Newsom ☹
Lieutenant Governor Ed Hernandez
Secretary of State Alex Padilla
Controller Betty Yee
Treasurer Fiona Ma
Attorney General Xavier Becerra
Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara
State Board of Equalization, D2 Malia Cohen
US Representative, D13 BARBARA LEE
State Assembly, D15 Jovanka Beckles?
Judges No on Carol Corrigan, yes on everyone else?
State Superintendent of Public Instruction TONY THURMOND
County Assessor Phong La
1 (housing bonds) Yes
2 (allow mental health funds to be used for housing) Yes
3 (non-legislative water bond) No?
4 (children’s hospital bond) Yes?
5 (lower property taxes for old rich people) NO!
6 (repeal car-related taxes, stop legislature from ever passing more) NO!
7 (let legislature decide about daylight savings) Yes
8 (cap dialysis center profits) Yes
9 (literally destroy California) not on the ballot!
10 (local power over rent control) Yes
11 (let ambulance companies off the hook for past labor abuses) No
12 (high standards for animal confinement) Yes
Berkeley Rent Board María Poblet, James Chang, Paola Laverde, John Selawsky, and Soli Alpert
Berkeley School Board Ty Alper, Julie Sinai, Ka’dijah Brown
AC Transit Director (at-large) Dollene Jones
Peralta E (renew a community college parcel tax) YES
Peralta G (community college bonds) Yes
Berkeley O (affordable housing bonds) YES
Berkeley P (raise transfer tax to help homeless) YES
Berkeley Q (ensure Berkeley isn’t broken if 10 passes) YES!
Berkeley R (non-binding resolution about the future) Yes?
East Bay Regional Park District FF (renew parcel tax) YES
Berkeley Auditor JENNY WONG